Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30AM - 7:30PM603-665-9222 

We treat musculoskeletal injuries such as:

• Sprains/Strains • Pre & Post Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement
• Rotator Cuff Repairs • ACL Reconstructions
• Acute & Chronic Low Back & Neck Pain • Soft Tissue Injuries
• Tendonitis • Bursitis • Arthritis • General Overuse Injuries
• ALL Sports & Everyday Living Related Injuries

Manchester Sports & Physical Therapy will help you SAVE TIME and MONEY and HELP YOU GET BETTER FAST. We should be your FIRST point of contact for your injury. If you haven’t seen your doctor or your appointment isn’t for a couple of days, call us! We can usually see you sooner than your doctor. If we feel physical therapy would benefit you, we’ll suggest what your next step should be.

NO REFERRAL NECESSARY! You no longer need a physicians referral/prescription to be treated in NH!  Including Medicare ~ YOU make the Choice. This allows you to see one of our physical therapists immediately, so that you can get the out-patient physical therapy care you need NOW.

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